Saturday, 31 March 2007

Recent artistic veiws of the Cathedral

A view of the Cathedral painted by Melissa Scott-Miller. The artist used a high level office in the John Lewis Partnership building on Victoria Street (part of that building can be seen lower left) and was thus able to see the whole building, as well as to give a good idea of the local landscape (the Houses of parliament is just visible at top left). This painting was bought by a private dealer, but a smaller version of it hangs in the lobby of the John lewis Partnership offices.

This week I was sent this image of a new watercolour by David Arbus, from the United States. I like its detail, which is accurate without being too constrained (I notice he omits the flag poles!). Mr Arbus has offered it to us for £1,000 - which we don't have, but if anyone is feeling generous ...

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