Friday, 26 January 2007

A New Day Dawns

After the bleak snowy sky, a few hours of bright, cold sunshine helped us to see ordinary things in a new light ...


Anonymous said...

These pictures prove once again what an impressive building Westminster Cathedral really is.

There is an interesting article on the Guardian website (,,1997949,00.html) about Sir Edwin Lutyens's design of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and the model of it he commissioned.
This reminded me of the wooden model of Westminster Cathedral that I saw at the Centenery Exhibition in Cathedral Hall in 1995. I understand it's no longer on public display so I would love to see some photos of it, if at all possible.

Thanks again for your very informative blog.


PS - It's a pity that not all the photos of your blog can be enlarged. (I guess this has to do with bandwidth...?)

Mark Langham said...

The wooden model is at present being restored by our excellent archivist, and I will do a posting on it soon. The plan is to put it on permanent display in the north gallery, where it will be seen by those on special tours of the Cathedral.

It is indeed a magnificent model, and said to be the third most important such model in the country, after Wren's model of St Paul's and Lutyen's of Liverpool Cathedral.

Sorry about the photos - I'm not clever enough to know what to do!

Anonymous said...

An ironic title to the post as the Catholic Herald describes the lack of an exemption as "a decision against Catholics in Britain."