Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Turrets and Towers

The turrets and domes of the Cathedral stand out against the cloudy January sky. Even in stark silhouette, the skyline is impressive.


Andrew said...

One wonders at the impression seeing Hagia Sophia for the first time made on the emissaries of Prince Vladimir of Kiev and the subsequent glory and majesty of the Divine Liturgy they beheld therein.

Truly in this Cathedral, in the solidity and stability of its foundation, its imposing towers and dome and the glory of the celebration of the Mass where Heaven and Earth are joined, one may get a glimpse Hagia Sophia of old and hear an echo of the worship in Heaven.

Mark Langham said...

The thrill of seeing Haghia Sophia, and the seep impression made by that great building, remain with one always. I consider ita great privilege that we have a Cathedral that bears that tradition, and that (as you say) gives one a glimpse of the heavenly liturgy.