Sunday, 10 June 2007

Corpus Christi Procession

We began our celebration of the great feast of the Body and Blood of Our Lord with Mass, and a procession followed by benediction, last evening. A great crowd walked behind the Blessed Sacrament as we moved through the streets around the Cathedral - a great act of witness and a startling contraposition of God and modern day mammon. These splendid photographs are (c) Fr Tim Dean.


Anonymous said...

How exquisite and sublime! It is a shame in the circumstances that our bishops should have thought fit to deprive the faithful of this Feast during the week. Does not our act of witness disprove the claim that we cannot find time/ do not want to celebrate teh Feasts of Our Lord which occurr during the week?

Leticia said...

Absolutely lovely, I'm linking to it on my blog!