Friday, 29 June 2007

St Peter, dressed for his Feast

The statue of St Peter is dressed, in imitation of the practice in St Peter's Basilica in Rome. The tiara stays on, I believe, purely by the power of prayer! In a serious vein, this feast not only honours our two chief apostles, but also also underlines our communion with the See of Peter and the roots of our catholic faith.


Andrew said...

The tiara looks a bit small for St. Peter. The cope in Rome also seems larger.

I had thought that the statue was only decorated for the Feast of the Chair of Peter.

universal doctor said...

A truly majestic image in honour of this great Feast. The tiara does appear to balance very precariously! How many replicas of St Peter exist in England- I have noticed a number in London- and where were the statues cast?

Anonymous said...

The one at Brompton Oratory is truly marvelous - with a full length papal cope and a lifestize tiara.