Thursday, 8 November 2007

From On High

A view taken from the dome over the sanctuary, showing the fine marble floor, and the wooden inlay of the predella in front of the High Altar.


Anonymous said...

Glorious photo of the High Altar. One of my constant prayers is that, one day, the High Altar would actually be used for the Mass in the Ordinary Form: the priest, in persona Christi, leading the congregation in facing the crucified and risen Lord.

Is this a hopeless dream?

Anonymous said...

Why is there a wooden inlay? Also there is a platform in front of the Cardinals Cathedra/Throne what is this used for?

John the organist said...

Amazing shot - how was it taken?

Andrew Teather said...

It has to be said, the nave altar looks even more destructive rom this angle.

Mark Langham said...

The wooden inlay, or predella, is placed in front of altars for the priest to stand upon.

That in front of the Cathedra serves a decorative purpose.

The shot was taken from one of the high-level balconies in the dome above the sanctuary.