Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Westminster Mandarine Harvest

Behold the first ever crop of citrus fruit (to my knowledge) grown in Clergy House! I arrived back from pilgrimage to find the Mandarines ready for picking.

It's pretty paltry stuff by the standards of sunnier climes; but to be able to do this in London, in late November, is quite an achievement.

Not as sweet as they might be (which is undoubtedly results from the weak sunshine), they were nevertheless pleasant and juicy - as reluctantly and finally acknowledged by the titular Bishop of Lindisfarne, who tried the first one. However, their probable fate will be entrusted to our Sisters, who might manage to make a teaspoon of jam from them.

There remain tangerine, lime and lemon trees, which are all proceeding well.


Peter Simpson said...

You will have to organise a Christingle Service - I suppose 'Solemn Christingles' sounds a little grander for the Cathedral!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! That is, if it is indeed today. We had suspected as much last year when you posted that 28 November was "(for me) [a] not insignificant day". We hope you've had a lovely time, and that you enjoyed a suitably fine cheese course this evening in honour St Juthwara!

Unknown said...

and now for pineapples---------