Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Laughter in the Base Court

L to R: (back) Mr. Oliver Brett, (organ scholar), Sister Bridget, Mr. Martin Hambulo (Intern) Canon Christopher Tuckwell (Administrator), Mgr Mark Langham (outgoing Administrator) perhaps the most outgoing in recent memory, Fr Denis Sarsfield. Front: Fr Michael Archer, Fr Michael Seed (also outgoing), Fr Michael Durand, Fr Michael Marchlewski SJ., USA, (on his customary summer 'supply' at Clergy House), Sister Clement (Archbishop's House), Bp George Stack, Bishop of Gemellae in Numidia, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster and himself a former Administrator.
To the trained eye, Sunday lunch is clearly in the offing. There may even be one or two contemplating a second sherry. My steady hand on the camera suggests that I have yet to have my first.


RoodSquirrel said...

'Contemplating the second sherry' would be an excellent name for a Catholic blog.

John the organist said...

What a happy picture? Where's Kingsley?

Mark Langham said...

I imagine he was still in the Cathedral meeting people.... Fr Swavek was away in Poland for his brother's wedding and Fr Edward on his way to Sydney for WYD