Friday, 18 July 2008

Steps in the right direction

Work on the new steps at the entrance to the Cathedral is going ahead fast. Here's a view of the work from above. Many thanks to Simon Lloyd (Acting Precentor, last year's organ scholar) for this shot and earlier pictures of the interior scaffolding. I'm not quite sure how he got up there. In truth, I don't think I want to know.

The work is being done before our eyes and already the steps are looking very fine. But the Cathedral's Appeal for funding to pay for everything is as urgent as ever...

A great many specialist services are required to make this radical modification to the exterior.
The work which fulfills the legal requirement for wheelchair access has taken years in the planning. One day, we'll ask Fr Mark how many meetings he attended over recent years before the final plans were given the go-ahead. Everyone from Westminster City Council and the Victorian Society to the Local Residents Association will have had strong views.

A high level of craftsmanship is required of the stonemasons. One of them told me the new steps are made of Cornish granite. The same stone exactly as the Cathedral's High Altar.


Peter Simpson said...

The first photo is quite brilliant!

Mark Langham said...

There were about forty meetings over five years; quite an ordeal! The granite of the steps, more importantly, matches that of the existing facade, and so will blend into the original stonework. Fr Mark

Anonymous said...

I saw the steps at the cathedral today and, even though they are not yet completed, thought that they looked very good. I am sure they will blend in well.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely thought! The entrance steps made of the same stone as the Altar. This is not Solmon's Temple, we can all, Gentile or Jew, Woman or Man, Wheeling or Walking, enter and bow before the Holy of Holies. I like it very much indeed.