Monday, 4 June 2007

Mr and Mrs Wilson

A happy image of our magnificent Precentor, Thomas Wilson, and his wife Madeline, secretary at the Choir School. All too often, Thomas is burning the midnight oil here at the Cathedral, and I wonder if Madeline forgets what he looks like! The Precentor arranges special liturgies - an unceasing task in the Cathedral- in which capacity he does sometimes collaborate with Madeline, who also helps out as cantor in the Cathedral. She also has skill as an events organiser, and boasts a degree in criminology, so we can all sleep sounder in our beds!

Thomas and Madeline are from New Zealand, but are now settled in London. We are blessed by the presence of wonderful and gifted couple, who make such an enormous contribution to the life of the Cathedral and Choir School.

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John the organist said...

What a lovely picture of a charming couple!