Saturday, 15 September 2007

Cardinal Manning is in the House

A wonderful gift yesterday, as a generous donor has given us two images of Cardinal Manning for Clergy House. The first is a contemporary marble bust, from his Anglican days, when he was Archdeacon of Chichester.

He was a fine looking man, in his youth, although he became rather 'skeletal' in his old age.

The second is an interesting picture of him as Archbishop of Westminster, and looks as though it is painted from a photograph. I have had several queries about the colour of his robes - and recall that Bishop Challoner, a century earlier, also wears a grey mozzetta. I am not sure if this is a custom of English clergy before more recent times, and would be grateful for any information about it.

Cardinal Manning, of course, never knew Westminster Cathedral or the Clergy House; he did purchase the site, but rather than proceed with the construction of a Cathedral, preferred money to be spent on relief of the poor - particularly in building a network of catholic schools. His residence, however, was nearby, in Carlisle Place.


Anonymous said...

His cassock and sash, alsao, appear to be grey. Curious.

Ttony said...

Cathedral schools?

Anonymous said...

Is it grey or blue? At Ampleforth Abbey there is a portrait of Bishop Baines, Vicar Apostolic of the Western District during the early years of the 19th century, in which he is depicted in a blue mozzetta.

Andrew said...

The Cardinal appears a little naked. Perhaps the bust can be 'dressed up'? A biretta and mozzetta would be quite fitting and regal.

Katieo said...

Have you asked Mgr Antony Howe? He is the fount of knowledge on such things.

Oh and please don't 'dress up' the bust of Manning - he's fine as he is!