Sunday, 30 September 2007

Nigerian Celebrations

The Nigerian community marked Independence Day yesterday, with a colourful and joyful Mass celebrated by Cardinal Anthony Okogie, Archbishop of Lagos. It was a great success, a testimony to the hard work and organisational skills of the wonderful Nigerian chaplain, Fr Albert, and to the faith of Nigerians in this country.

The choir, beautifully dressed, provided a delight to the eye and the ear! The music was compelling, and expressed a joy that we in the west perhaps forget should be at the heart of our worship.

The Cathedral was full; the atmosphere was bubbling with excitement. When the Cardinal asked the members of the congregation, "Are you happy?" they roared out "Yes!!" in a deafening chorus.

The Cathedral is blessed to be the venue for these events, and to bear witness to the great family of nations that is one in our faith.

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Anonymous said...

The morning Mass for Aid to the Church in Need was also a beautiful occasion, with an inspiring sermon from Archbishop Elias Chacour from Galilee - and it had barely finished when the Cathedral began to fill with brightly dressed worshippers anticipating the afternoon Mass.

In fact I think the 10.30am Saturday Mass is one of the most impressive 'regular' celebrations in London.

Fr Martin Edwards was wearing a very fine chasabule depicting the three Archangels - is this part of the Cathedral's collection?