Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Out Of a Clear Sky

It often happens thus: a normal busy day, with eveyone going about their business, and suddenly this lands in the choir school playground.

There was distressing news; scaffolding at a building site near Victoria Station had collapsed, badly injuring a workman. The Air Ambulance service has used the playground before, being the only clear space in the neighbourhood for a helicopter to land.

No notice can be given on these occasions, and we were fortunate that it was not playtime and the boys were all in school. The helicopter gave the playground a great clean, sweeping away leaves and debris that would normally have to be brushed up by hand.


Anonymous said...

Any news on the injured workman? I pray that he is okay.

Anonymous said...

Pardon a naive American, but I am stunned by the Virgin label on the chopper. Richard Branson owns (and brands) the air ambulances? Or is that advertising space to defer the cost of a publicly owned air ambulance?

Anonymous said...

I will pray for the poor workman - this happens all too frequently in the construction business.

Mark Langham said...

No news on the injured workmen; please keep him in your prayers.

From their website, I see that the London Air Ambulance relies on donations - the major part of which is corporate sponsorship; as an incentive, the logo of any donor will appear on one or more of their helicopters.

Anonymous said...

You could throw them a few pounds and get Mary printed underneath. Nothing wrong with a bit of advertising!