Sunday, 21 October 2007

Mass with the Ghanaian Community

A joyful occasion took place yesterday, when Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson, Archbishop of Cape Coast, celebrated Mass for the Ghanaian community. Above, our own Cardinal greets him at the beginning of Mass. Note the altar frontal, in traditional Ghanaian kente cloth!

An enthusiastic choir, beautifully robed, led the singing.

Cardinal Turkson was in England to strengthen the bonds between the two countries, and also to underline the importance of World Mission Day. His strong message is that Missionary activity is not simply about economic help; it is first and foremost the spreading of the Gospel. He also said that it was the duty of the Church in Africa to support the Church in Europe - not necessarily in terms of sending priests here (he points out that while England has a priest for every 900 people, Ghana only has a priest for every 2,500), but in the recognition that we are are united Church, called to respond to the needs of our neighbour.

The Knights and Ladies of Marshall (equivalent to the Catenians) were out in force for the Mass, in their distinctive sashes.

It was a joyful and moving celebration, that brought a little African sunshine into a cold London autumn!

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