Thursday, 11 October 2007

A miscellany of old images

Cardinal Bourne, fourth Archbishop of Westminster (1903 - 1935), is shown inset in this postcard dating from the early years of his incumbency. He was created Cardinal in 1911; this image predates his elevation to the sacred college.

The interior of the Cathedral in the 1920s; the Stations of the Cross are in place, but none of the marble work on the walls, nor the mosaic on the arch above the sanctuary.

A funeral takes place in 1925. This is, of course, in the days before the Piazza, and the roadway still runs across the front of the Cathedral.

Two poignant images from the First World War; the children of the Belgian Royal Family, in exile in London, attend Mass at the Cathedral. Above, they are greeted by the Adminstrator, Monsignor Howlett.

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Anonymous said...

On the last photograph:
-left: Prince Karel/Charles (1903-1983), Prince-Regent of Belgium 1944-1951
-middle: Prince Leopold/Léopold (1901-1983), King of the Belgians 1934-1951
-right: Princess Marie-José (1906-2001)