Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Photographer Photographed

Marcin Mazur was blinded by the light yesterday, as he set about taking photographs of the Crib for our literature over the Christmas season. Despite the Christmas decorations already appearing in shops, it proved very difficult to find Poinsettas in mid-October.

It was all done in a few hours, and Marcin has taken some wonderful shots - of which more in their appointed season. The crib is now away again until Christmas, and the Poinsettas distributed among the ladies working in the Clergy House.


Peter Simpson said...

Why the red frontal? Surely white would be more appropriate for the Christmas season? I have no problem with the red poinsettias!

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why you didn't take photos last christmas? seems like a lot of hassle to me!

Mark Langham said...

The Gold and white frontals didn't'register'on the photographs; the red came up much more brightly.

It was indeed a lot of hassle; the images provided by the photographer we used last Christmas were not what we wanted!

Peter Simpson said...

Thank you for the explanation of the red frontal. Now my next question. What about the Christmas trees? I'm sure that two of the ladies working in clergy house would have appreciated the gift of a 20' tree in the middle of October!

Anonymous said...

personally, i dont like the crib on the high altar. i don't think it looks right but thats just my preference.
have you thought of having christmas cards made and selling them in the cathedral and diocesean parishes? you could split the proceeds between the passage homeless centre and towards the cathedral roof repairs.
my sister recently did somehing similar for a charity and has made a few thousand pounds. maybe the cathedral could dp so on a much bigger scale? just an idea!