Friday, 21 December 2007

The Christmas Celebration

Last evening we held the Christmas Celebration. This lovely occasion is one of the highlights of the Cathedral year, when we anticipate the joy of Christmas in music and words.

The concert is always a sell-out, and small wonder. The Cathedral looks beautiful, and the choir is at its best, joined for the evening by an orchestra.

Although vastly experienced, the Lay Clerks can never take anything for granted, and hours of rehearsal goes into this performance.

For Martin Baker, the Master of Music the evening is a tense occasion, as he has to bring together the many different strands. It was, however, a triumph.

There are many people who contribute to the evening's success. Below, our 'A' team of servers - Michael, Nick and Francis. Not pictured is Paul Moynihan, who superbly acted as Master of Ceremonies.

Our dear Portuguese sisters were present, braving the none-too-warm Cathedral to get their seats early


Unknown said...

If this is a concert, why are the choir wearing cottas? It seems a little unusual, even if the concert is indeed devotional in nature.

In most cathedral choirs, the system appears to be cassocks but no surplices, when the occasion is non-liturgical.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father, the pictures you've posted look like an old Christmas Celebration - do you have any of last night's? I was there and didn't think Mr Baker looked at all tense - he seemed to be having a great time! And I'm sure his hair was somewhat shorter than in the photo you've posted... Shome mishtake shurely?