Saturday, 22 December 2007

The Sacrament of God's Forgiveness

In the fortnight before Christmas the numbers for daily confessions rises sharply, and we have had three confessors on duty each day from 9.00am - 6.30pm. This is one of the glories of Westminster Cathedral; for all its other proud achievements, the fact that the Sacrament of God's forgiveness is available every day, all day, is one of the most important. The Chaplains work hard to provide the hours, and we are greatly helped by visiting priests and even - at this time - by the auxiliary bishops and the Cardinal himself.

If the numbers of confessions have fallen in parishes, our own experience is that the need and desire for the Sacrament is undiminished. Above, the queue stretches down the south aisle of the Cathedral, and will remain so most of the day; perhaps the anonymity that the Cathedral affords is what draws so many people here. It is certainly beautiful that, at this time, so many people seek to prepare themselves spiritually to receive their Lord at Christmas.

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Ttony said...

I commented here on confession at the Cathedral. How wonderful it is that it can act as parish church for anybody going to London.