Monday, 3 December 2007

Come One, Come All

Yesterday we held the Parish Christmas Fair - a hugely successful event, and important especially in a place like the Cathedral. The many roles of the Cathedral can mean that the parish element is overlooked; yet there is a sizeable regular community here, and occasions such as this celebrate it and help to build it up. Above, you may spot a be-cassocked seminarian browzing at the book stall, centre ..

Many of the groups that exist within the parish contributed to the Fair: the Filipino community was, as ever, more than generous, and large quantities of food abounded!

Olga was desperate to attract my attention on the 'nearly-new' stall.

Elizabeth, my PA, has an impressive side-line in preserves and chutneys, which always sell well. She markets them under the title 'The Cat's Whiskers' and she is (I can reveal) provider of marmalade by appointment to Archbishop's House!

Marina produced quantites of paella and tortilla - all of which vanished very quickly!

Vilette sold toys, while Aurora sold candles and other religious items, and rapidly sold out of them!



I well understand the seminarian wearing a cassock and long may that continue. However, wearing a cotta was bad practice.

Anonymous said...

peter julian eymard said...
"However, wearing a cotta was bad practice."

The seminarian is going to give his life to the Church! Come on, give the guy a break! You'll feel happier if you break the rules sometimes...