Saturday, 22 March 2008

Awaiting the Resurrection

Many thanks for your patience and kind messages - and above all your prayers - during my illness. I am not fully recovered and will not be returning to work for a while, but can at least begin posting again, even if not on a daily basis. Marcin Mazur has been taking images of the Holy Week ceremonies, and I hope to post them soon.

Today, Holy Saturday, is a day of waiting. Christ lies in the tomb, and the desolation is symbolised by the bare altars, empty tabernacles and covered images in the Cathedral. Above is the Blessed Sacrament altar, denuded of decoration, and the presence of the Lord.

As far as the Cathedral is concerned, this is also a busy day of preparation for the summit of the Christian year, the Easter Vigil celebrated this evening. Above, the candlesticks and other items stand beside the main sanctuary, ready to be restored for this evening.

I noted the handbells, to be used for the strepitus - the half-minute of joyful cacophany - during the Gloria.

Not to be forgotten, the Easter Eggs that will be distributed to children after Masses tomorrow.


Peter Simpson said...

Good to see and hear you again. Happy Easter!

John the organist said...

Welcome back - you have been much missed by both of us!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! I am glad that you are on the mend.

universal doctor said...

Dear Fr Mark- resurrexit sicut dixit Alleluia! How good to see you again at the Triduum, and know that you are kn the mend. you remain in my prayers.