Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Cathedral Mace Bearer

Albert Denehan is a well - known parishioner, who assists us in many ways. His most ceremonial role, however, is as Cathedral Mace Bearer, in which guise he leads the liturgical procession at Easter and Christmas. He is pictured above just before the sung Mass on Easter morning, outside the sacristy.

I'm not sure of the liturigical significance of it, but it certainly adds a dignity to the proceedings. The Cathedral treasury boasts two Maces, and they have been borne in procession for many years.


Anonymous said...

Dear Msgr
So glad you are back. As a great admirer of the liturgical and musical life at Westminster Cathedral, I'm a regular visitor (from Portugal) to your blog as I usually don't manage to visit London more than once or twice a year.
You are in my prayers.

Andrew said...

Very distinguished!