Sunday, 23 March 2008

Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

The Cathedral looked never more beautiful than at the Easter Vigil. We celebrated the resurrection of the Lord with a packed Cathedral, and welcomed 22 new members of the Church.

However, we felt we should be in another season, singing 'See, amid the winter's snow', as the wintry weather set in.


Anonymous said...

The Monsignor is back!

What a good news!

You have been very much in our prayers and concerns.

Have a blessed Easter.


dear Monsignor Langham,
it's good to see you back on the internet ! Happy Easter to you ! I've been following your blog for a long time. Your posts give a wonderfull view behind the scene's of a, bij myself, beloved cathedral. Praying for your recovery remains,
In Christo,
Victor Maagd, transeunt-deacon in the cities of Emmen & Erica (The Netherlands)

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Easter to all at the Cathedral and to the readers of this blog.
Hope you make a full recovery very soon, Father, I'll keep you in my prayers. (No need to print this second bit!)

Anonymous said...

Where does the wonderful Paschal candle come from ?

Mark Langham said...

The candle(which is a regular candle from an ecclestiaical supplier) is decorated by a member of the neo-catechumenate community. This year, the stunning imagery represents the 'harrowing of Hell', where Jesus is depicted descending into Hell to release the virtuous souls trapped there.