Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Farewell, Fr Dwayne

Following six years of faithful service at the Cathedral, Fr Dwayne Bednar leaves today to return to the United States. Last night the chaplains went out to celebrate his time here, and thank him for his great contribution to the pastoral life of the Cathedral. It was also an occasion to bid farewell to Alan Alvarado, our splendid seminarian from Allen Hall, who has completed his year with us. We also welcomed Fr Michael Marchlewski, from America, who has spent summer at Westminster Cathedral for the last twenty years - his advent is always a sign that summer has arrived. A joyful, but poignant, evening, marking most of all the momentous changes that are taking place in the Cathedral staff this year.

Above, pictured left to right in the Clergy House common room, are: Fr Tim Dean, Fr Michael Marchlewski, Fr Dwayne Bednar, Alan Alvarado (in front), Fr Slawomir Witon (sub-administrator), Fr Christopher Tuckwell (Administrator), Fr Michael Archer.


John the organist said...

All change! Love the hat!

Anonymous said...

Was there an after photo!!?