Thursday, 5 June 2008

Working on the Steps

Not only is the interior of the Cathedral filled with scaffolding; work has also commenced on the new steps, which will incorporate ramps and so provide access for all.

This week, a wooden framework was put in place, marking the extent of the new steps and giving some idea of the scope of the finished project.

Work is due to continue until the autumn.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mgr Mark,

I will miss this blogg when you leave it has been so interesting. Thak you. Will you get a chance to tell us a bit more about the old organ pipework in the gallery in front of the Blessed Sacrament chapel? I asked about it a year or so ago after a visit to the cathedral - and you mentioned it was partof an old nave organ used by R. R. Terry.

Many thanks,

Dave. Cardiff.

Anonymous said...

You must try and convince the new administrator to continue the blog even if it's a joint effort/intern or in some renewed format.
It really has done a fantastic job at raising the profile of this great cathedral and shown the wonderful work that you do.