Monday, 2 June 2008

A Tentative Summer

I came back to find that the plants on the Clergy House terrace were well established, although the recent cold, wet weather has not brought them on as much as might be expected. The sun-flowers are surging upward, and have been staked so that they do not block out light for plants below.

The fragrant nicotiana (in truth, a relative of the tobacco plant) is braving the cold, and is providing some gentle colour.

Nasturtiums are not nearly so reticent, and show forth a sunburst of bright flowers. These are edible, of course, should one feel peckish on the terrace!

The clergy heeded my pleas to water the plants while I was gone, but - as you can see - no weeding was done, so I will have to dive in this week!

Meanwhile in the courtyard of the complex (or 'base court' as Fr Tim has christened it), David Darby's garden is flourishing, providing a peaceful haven for staff and clergy.


Anonymous said...

The courtyard looks so much better, has someone tidied it up? The plants really make such a difference and it cannot be easy to encourage them to grow, as it is so crowded by buildings.

Anonymous said...

I am a new gardener having just inherited my father's garden (his name was Bill, an atheist, he died of cancer more broken in spirit than actual illnes, your prayers would mean much to me) and I find I do not know the difference between green weeds and desirable plants.