Thursday, 23 November 2006

Detail of the Apse

Taken just after Mass this morning: the lovely balcony seems a whimsy. I have never discovered a purose for it or its companion across the apse.

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Peter Simpson said...

I had been told that one of the balconies (the one on the liturgical north) was for the Archbishop of Westminster. In the 'old days' (ie 100 years ago) it was difficult for an Archbishop to be present at a service in the Cathedral without a great host of attendants. By being present on the balcony he could be present in a 'physical' sense without being present in a 'formal' sense. This made it easier for him to attend one of the Daily Offices without making a great fuss about it!

I can only assume that the balcony on the other (south) side of the apse was for the Administrator - who probably expected a significant team of attendants as well - whenever he was seen in the Cathedral!