Monday, 20 November 2006

A Voice that will not be Silenced

Today, Pius Ncube, Archibshiop of Bulawayo, arrives to stay for a few days at Clergy House. He is surely one of the most remarkable religious leaders of our time, and an outstanding example of Chrisitan witness. As a fearless advocate of human rights in Zimbabwe, he has received many death threats, and endured vilification in the Press. Yet he refuses to be silenced, speaking out on behalf of the oppressed people of his country.

He is also one of the most humble people I have met: during his visit last year (pictured above in the Cathedral sacristy) he told me how he found all the ceremonial surrounding an Archbishop difficult, remembering that he first came to London as a student, living in a simple bed-sit.

It is extraordinary to be in his presence: in the hallowed atmosphere of Westminster Cathedral, it is hard to imagine this large, quiet man raising the standard of protest against the violence, terror and hated of a corrupt regime. Please pray for him - we cannot do much, but this we can do.


Kim Addison said...

Dear Fr Mark

I have found the Blogspot- Great Blog! Just noticed two spelling errors on the article about Archbishop Pius Ncube that I thought you might like to know about - Bulaweyo should read Bulawayo and Zambabwe should read Zimbabwe!


Kim Addison

Mark Langham said...

Thanks, Kim. Corrections duly made.