Thursday, 16 November 2006

In Praise of Small Groups

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of joining our new Theology discussion group. Twelve parishioners turned up for a fascinating discussion of Karl Rahner - who, it has to be said, doesn't reveal his secrets easily. I think we all found the dense language challenging, but Tony, our leader, guided us through brilliantly. He's a natural leader.
Last week I was with another group discussing the Holy Father's encyclical "God is Love". Again, it was a delight to be with a group of parishioners who talk passionately about their faith, and are keen to deepen their understanding of its treasures.
Cardinal Cormac places great emphasis on small groups; so much so that he has made them one of his pastoral priorities for the diocese. He speaks of each parish containing many such groups, becoming a 'community of communities', so to speak.
There is always a temptation to find excuses not to join such a group - most notably, lack of time. However, I certainly found it a compelling and refreshing experience and (as far as the Theology group is concerned) a welcome exercise for jaded mental faculties!

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Anonymous said...

The God is Love group has been helpful. Mgr Mark led the session so well. It is never easy to lead a group especially an open one. Alas the following week's session did not happen and I had to miss this week's as I had to meet friends from Dublin and get them safely to Harlow. The booklet is very well done. The highlight of my month is often the first Wednesday at the cathedral Centre for Spirituality which is led by lay people. I had a go myself on the subject of Emmaus! With such a big congregation small groups like this are essential!