Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Laying the Foundations

This online diary is an attempt to share some of the events that take place in the Cathedral, as well as revealing something of the life that goes on behind the scenes. Visitors to the Cathedral, whether during the quiet of a weekday afternoon, or in the splendour of a major liturgy, may not be aware of what goes in to running the place. Its dedicated band of chaplains, staff and volunteers ensure that it remains a remarkable oasis of prayer in the midst of the busy city. There are six Masses daily, and seven hours of confessions heard every day of the week. The Cathedral music is sublime, and our celebrated choir is one of the finest in the world; our proud claim is to be the only Catholic Cathedral in the world to celebrate a full sung Mass every day. But it is above all a spiritual building - there is soemthing about it that makes you want to say your prayers.

I hope all those who read this diary, whether familiar with the Cathedral or not, will discover something of the richness of this great House of God.

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I look forward to reading and hopefully commenting on this blog.