Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A Constant Peril

Yet again, the Cathedral suffered damage this morning from a would-be burglar. Using a hammer, he attempted to break through the doors of the gift shop (above), and then entering the Cathedral during 7.00am Mass, he tried to force open the collection box at St Anthony's shrine (below centre). He was not successful in either attempt, but - as ever - the damage is considerable.

More worryingly, when challenged by Graeme, our security guard, he attacked him with a hammer. Graeme was able to subdue him and call the Police, but this shows the problems we now face with security. We have three or four such incidents each year, and each causes us to review our security measures, and the balance we try to maintain between allowing visitors to circulate freely while monitoring behaviour.


Sharon said...

Just recently we had the clearly labelled 'Suggestion Box' wrenched off the wall in the vestibule causing, as you said, considerable damage.

Andrew said...

At least the culprit did not try to sue the security guard for spraining his arm or something while subduing him which, in some parts of the US, is within the realm of possibility.