Sunday, 4 February 2007

February Oremus

A new month; a new Oremus - the Cathedral magazine. Pictured is the foot of our statue of St Peter, a copy of the 13th century statue by Arnolfo de Cambio in St Peter's, Rome (the foot is, however, not worn away like its original, merely buffed by pilgrims' pious hands to a shiny finish!). The article marks the feast of the Chair of St Peter on 22 February. Continuing in a Roman theme, there is an interview with Cardinal Cormac about his titular church in Rome, the fabulous and art-crammed Santa Maria sopra Minerva. The Cardinal reports the 'mischevious' remark made by Karl Barth - the famous Protestant theologian - that the title Santa Maria sopra Minerva described for him all that was wrong with the Catholic Church; that it is built upon pagan practices rather than the Gospel, too accepting of insights originating outside Christianity, and that it is too obssessed with Mary! The Cardinal, of course, disagrees, and maintains that the name of his titular church describes all that is right about Catholicism!

Oremus costs £1.50 from the Cathedral or Clergy House, or by subscription to: Oremus, Cathedral Clergy House, 42 Francis Street, London SW1P 1QW, England.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that Charlie Chaplain would ever return to the pages of Oremus?