Thursday, 1 February 2007

A Card for the Cardinal..

I was visiting Monsignor David Norris today in hospital, after his fall last week at Clergy House. Mgr David is always worth talking to, and is one of those people whose every word should be recorded - he was secretary to Cardinals Griffin, Godfey and Heenan, and every conversation is filled with wonderful anecdotes.

Such as today; I brought him a pile of cards from well-wishers, which prompted him to recall that Cardinal Godfrey (Archbishop of Westminster 1956 - 1963; pictured left) used to receive over a thousand Christmas cards each year, to which he would reply individually. Or rather, his long suffering secretary (Mgr Norris) was directed to do so, recalling that one year he only finished the last reply on the Saturday before Palm Sunday. Things changed with Cardinal Heenan (Archbishop of Westminster 1963 - 1975) who directed that a message be posted in the Times, simply saying 'The Archbishop does not reply to Christmas cards individually'!

Mgr Norris is making good progress, and we hope and pray that he will be returned to full health soon.


Anonymous said...

Great mitre....

Andrew said...

Elderly priests who have lived a full and fulfilled life have such great riches and wisdom to share. That's why its sad that after such a busy life, they have to make a drastic transition to retirement and solitude.

I do not think that I could cope with the loneliness. Fortunately he who believes in never alone. =)