Thursday, 8 February 2007

Snow again!!

The choristers cannot believe their luck, as the Choir School playground was covered in snow this morning.

Incredibly (although predicted), it has snowed again in London! A heavier and more widespread fall across the country than last month, but for our city it has been unheard of for many years to have two such snowfalls in a winter.
The picture below shows the neighbourhood, with Vincent Square (the playing fields of Westminster School) top left.

Below is the view from the Cathedral Campanile eastwards, towards the House of Parliament (you can just make out the Victoria Tower in the centre) with Westminster Abbey to its left.

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Udge said...

Marvellous photos!

I remember the Cathedral from my years as an architecture student in London. I am pleased to have discovered your blog, and will be coming back for more.

At the risk of offending you & the building committee, I am glad to see that the domes are still bare. I find their current state, the vivid contrast between the richness and colour at eye level and the darkness above, much more moving and exhilarating than the projected all-over gilt and glory.