Friday, 6 July 2007

Moving the Confessional

We took advantage of the presence of the Welsh Guards on Monday, when they came to return St John Southworth to St George's chapel, and asked them to move a confessional.

It had been moved from St Paul's Chapel during the 'At Your Word, Lord' programme two years ago, and placed near the Ambrosden Avenue entrance, in front of the mosaic of St Joan of Arc.

A massive and solid piece of woodwork, it required rollers and a great deal of muscle to move it across the nave, and up the two steps to the chapel.


Finally, with the confessional back in pace, the Welsh Guards pose with the Cathedral maintenance team, and Fr Christopher Tuckwell, sub-Administrator and himself former Guardsman.

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Peter Simpson said...

It would appear that Fr Christopher hands out some quite tough penances.