Friday, 20 July 2007

An Old View

An old coloured postcard of the Cathedral, pre-1930. Note that the road runs in front of the West Door (indeed, quite a road junction!). The tympanum over the door is not yet in place. The image gives a grand impression of a cascade of domes and turrets.


Anonymous said...

If one could use a numerical percentage, how much of the cathedral is still incomplete? Is it ever possible to "finish" building a cathedral?

Mark Langham said...

The structure of the Cathedral is complete: one of the (several) factors that recommended the Byzantine style is that the decoration is 'veneered', that is, not integral to the structure. The Building was completed in eight years (1895 - 1903) and opened without any internal decoration.

Over the last century, marble and mosaic has been added, and it is always envisaged that the decoration will continue until completed.

The marble is virtually all in place. As for the mosaic, to give you your percentage, I'd have to say that somewhere between 80% - 90% awaits decoration. Much has been done, but there are still vast roof vaults that will require huge amounts of money.