Wednesday, 11 July 2007

News from the Terrace

As if in definance of the recent smoking ban, the nictotiana (relative of the tobacco plant) is thriving, with lovely, crisp flowers.

Here, the nicotiana forms a striking contrast to the deep red petunias.

The appalling weather has has a dreadful effect on the plants; a warm May brought everything on speedily, but the torrential rains of June (the wettest on record), and the continued cloudly days, are hampering growth. Nevertheless the citrus trees are giving hope - with a good crop of limes (above).

The lemons are struggling, and really need more sunshine. Those Gins and Tonic are awaiting!

The vine is progressing well, but again, growth is delayed by lack of sunshine, and there seems no hope of grapes this years, still less of a Chateau Clergy House!

The lavender is up, but straggling, and the more delicate herbs (such as basil) are finding the going hard in the overcast and chilly weather.
But the fragrant jasmine is fantastic!

Lobelia is always a delight, playful and gently colourful. Finally, below, I took advantage of some rare evening sun to snap the pond. Let us hope the weather improves, and grants us some summer!


Anonymous said...

It all looks very lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lancaster is praying for the swift growth of the lemons... no doubt they will be put to good use when the warm weather finally arrives!