Saturday, 21 July 2007

A Very British Summer

Yesterday, we were to hold a barbeque for staff and residents. Instead, at mid-day, it was so dark that the street lighting came on.

The heavens opened, and the torrential downpour was even greater than that of a few days ago, noted here !

The drains and downpipes could not cope with the amount of water that was suddenly pouring down.

Flooding inevitably occurred, including a serious situation in the Cathedral Hall. We are concerned lest the water have soaked the wood-block flooring, causing it to warp as it dries.


Anonymous said...

"We are concerned lest the water have soaked..." A splendid, if unusual, use of the subjunctive after 'lest', Monsignore! Was it deliberate?

Mark Langham said...

Sounds good to me!

- You will doubtless be delighted to hear that I spelled 'show' with an 'e' when writing the parish notices this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Obscurantism is the new black.