Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Antwerp Monstrance

One of the greatest treasures of the Cathedral is this silver gilt Flemish monstrance, made in Antwerp in 1669. The shaped oval base has a pierced foliate border, and two cherubs adorn the foot. Above, angels support a cloud, which itself bears the Holy Spirit, surmounted by a crown, on top of which is the Pelican.

I can testify that it is very heavy; we use it for benediction at Christmas and Easter.

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Andrew said...

Father, I'm very glad to see such a beautiful piece of art still serving the purpose for which it was made, for the greater glory of God. In most places, it would merely be a museum piece, for people to look at, a relic of a bygone era rather than something which is part of the living tradition of the Church.