Monday, 20 August 2007

The Pope in the Sacristy

This fine image of Pope Pius XII may be found in the outer sacristy: I've always throught the spectacles are especially well rendered!

The base bears an inscription:

Presented by the sculptor
George E Campbell FRBS
Exhibited Royal Academy 1958

I cannot find out anything more about the sculptor (FRBS = Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors). However, it is interesting to note that this fine image was exhibited in the year of the Pope's death, and, while somewhat overlooked, it is good to know that this great Pope is serenely contemplating us as we process out to Mass.


Anonymous said...

Pius XII probably did more for liturgical renewal than anyone of the 20th century--restoration of Holy Week liturgies, evening masses, relaxation of fasting before communion, scriptural research and bible translation, and involving the assembly with the liturgy of the Mass.

I think the artist's rendering of his high neck and "Roman" nose are quite accurate.

Katieo said...

It has always seemed strange to me that Pius XII is so often portrayed as a rectionary pope, when in fact he was a reformer.

Having known the Sacristy in the Cathedral in past years, and the Statue of Pius XII, it is a very impressive work - much more bronze in colour than on the photograph, and it was always very special to me.