Saturday, 11 August 2007

An Evening on the Terrace

The view last evening. The Clergy House terrace was made for such evenings; a clear sky, warm, with the gentlest of breezes. A large group of friendly Australians squeezed onto a rooftop on a nearby appartment block looked at our space with envy! In the background can just be seen the vast bulk of Battersea Power Station, awaiting salvation from a developer.

As the flowering season begins to draw to a close, foliage comes to prominence. The coleus, above, has picked up camouflaging tips from the army!

I picked up this unusal number in Scotland earlier this week; the leaves seem to have been painted in watercolour, and there is a promise of white flowers.

Yet the flowers are far from over. By the pond, the nasturtiums are making a fine show.

The fine white nicotiana are still flowering strongly, and there although the petunias are starting to straggle, there is plenty of life in the geraniums.

But excitement focuses on the citrus trees, where the fruit is growing well, and on the nearby pomegranite bush which has suddenly burst into bloom -

- holding out the extraordinary prospect of a crop of this most mythological of fruits!

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