Friday, 24 August 2007

Happy Birthday, Your Eminence!

Today the Cardinal celebrates his 75th birthday. We are filled with joy, and wish him Ad Multos Annos.

One of the privileges in working at Westminster Cathedral is the contact it brings with the Archbishop. Although his duties range wider, there remains a particular link with the symbolic seat of his authority. We chaplains are fortunate to see Cardinal Cormac regularly, to be present at the ceremonies where he presides and preaches, and to come to know him more informally.

As Administrator I have drawn greatly upon his advice, and his impressive ability to see issues in the widest possible context. The Cardinal is always supportive and frequently challenging, and with his guidance the Cathedral has undertaken new initiatives to spread the gospel and bring people to prayer.

But above all, for me and the Cathedral clergy, the Cardinal’s evident concern for his priests and people, his consistently positive outlook, and his unfailing approachability, have been an inspiration and a joy.

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Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, does His Eminence know that his birthday coincides with the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 ad...?