Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Tug-o-War Team

I came across this photograph yesterday, from my earlier stint at the Cathedral. Each summer there is a Parliamentary Tug-o-War for charitable purposes. As a preliminary heat, Westminster Cathedral was challenged by Westminster Abbey. We practised during the summer in the playground with a trainer from the nearby army barracks. I recall straining at a rope tied to an ancient tree in the choir school playground. We came away victorious on the day - although our opponents were composed mostly of choristers, making it rather a push-over (or, indeed, pull-over).

Above, the victorious Olympians, among whom may be recognised (in the front) Maureen Scammell, Brenda Roberts (now diocesan vice-Chancellor), Sally McAllister and our young organ scholar - now Fr Gerard Skinner, parish priest of North Harrow.

Behind them kneels the then Master of Music, James O'Donnell, (now, ironically, occupying the same post at Westminster Abbey) and, in the middle, Gordon Wilkinson, Cathedral Security Guard.

At the back, from the left, Mgr (now Bishop) George Stack, (Administrator), John Lee (Diocesan Schools' Finance), Michael Parkinson (Cathedral intern), Hal Broadbent, with your humble servant at the rear.


Anonymous said...

How long ago was that? I didn't recognise myself at first. We may have won that day, but I have a vague recollection the first year it was "one, two, three .... and watch the Catholics fly through the air!" - our training for the first year was ..... minimal ... hence the need for a trainer from the nearby barracks for year two!!! It had absolutely nothing to do witih the Pimms Reception first!!
Thanks for the memories. Brenda

Peter Simpson said...

Mgr George Stack looks like a member of the Mafia! Small wonder you won against Westminster Abbey.

Anonymous said...

My awful moustache dates it to summer 1994!