Friday, 4 January 2008

Cardinal Vaughan's Plaque

After a long delay, the plaque marking the translation of Cardinal Vaughan's remains from Mill Hill to the Cathedral was installed just before Christmas.

We had wanted to mark not merely the occasion, but the connexion with Mill Hill, the missionary college that he founded. The picture above shows the reburial of Cardinal Vaughan; Bishop Stack is flanked by members of the Vaughan family, and by Fr Mark Connolly, Rector of St Joseph's College, Mill Hill.
We thought it fitting that it should resemble in style the plaques marking the transfer of the remains of Cardinals Wiseman and Manning to the Cathedral, almost a century before.

The new plaque is near to the tomb (no longer a cenotaph) of Cardinal Vaughan, whose mortal remains now rest in the Cathedral which he founded.


Unknown said...

Mark, the priest on Bishop Stack's right in the anorack is Fr. Mark Connolly, the then rector of St. Joseph's College, Mill Hill.
John H.

Mark Langham said...

Aplogies, John. I'll alter the posting!