Monday, 7 January 2008

For Faithful Service

At Mass yesterday Bishop Alan Hopes presented Mary Aldous with the Diocesan Medal for her dedicated work for the Cathedral. Since the 1970s, Mary has worked in the counting house, and in recent years has recorded and published the Cathedral Mass intentions. As an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, she is a familiar figure at Mass; behind the scenes, however, her work has been tireless as it has been essential. Following Mass, a small reception was held in the Clergy House Common Room, which was an opportunity to meet many old friends, and to toast Mary, a quiet, prayerful and loving presence at the heart of the Cathedral community.

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Anonymous said...

I was delighted to read about the Medal that was awarded to Mary which she truly deserved after her many many years of devoted Service to the Church and Cathedral. I would like to express my congratulations to Mary and wish her well. In my own Parish the last person to receive an award was in 2006 in her 80th, year and it made me wonder why the Church waits so long to reward and acknowledge Parishoners doing wonderful work for us all.