Friday, 18 January 2008

Launching the Cathedral Appeal

We received good Press coverage yesterday and today: the above picture is from this morning's Times newspaper, showing the latest in ecclesiastical headgear!

The London Evening Standard gave us good coverage:

In the Metro, Sr Maria do Ceu (one of our beloved Portuguese sisters) emerged as quite a star!

Indeed, in the Press Association photographs, she was quite the centre of attention.

Fr Archer and Sr Angelina looked rather splendid also! There was also good coverage by the BBC, and the appeal featured on the lunchtime and evening news. The BBC website shows the clip - go to the page below, and then click the item on the right about the Cathedral to see the report:

There is also a page on the BBC website

Ruth Gledhill, religious correspondent of the Times, has a good piece on her blog, here.
Background information can be found on the Independent Catholic News website, here.

A busy time indeed, and some fun was had - but the cause is a serious one, unglamorous but absolutely necessary. It is gratifiying to have received so many messages and dnations already, a mark of how much this great Church is loved.

if you wish to make a donation, you can do so on the Westminster Diocesan Website, here.


Anonymous said...

With the cost of building today it sounds remarkably cheap! When you first mentioned the problems I thought the cost was going to be £10M at least. The target is daunting, but Westminster Cathedral is so greatly loved I am sure £3M is possible.

Anonymous said...

Father Mark

Is it possible to keep an update of donations on the website?

Peter Simpson said...

I pray that the appeal goes well. On a lighter note, if you do a Google Search on 'Westminster Cathedral Collapsing' you come up with the Cathedral Chaplains collapsing into their arm chairs after eating Christmas Dinner!

johnf said...

Monsignor Mark

I am at present building our local parish website. Is it possible to obtain a small logo (say 75px square) to put on the main page of our website and link to the Cathedral appeal webpage?