Sunday, 27 January 2008

St Ambrose

This beautiful study for St Ambrose has been created by the young artist Sandro Kopp, as the basis of a mosaic that (together with St Augustine) will be placed at the entrance to st Paul's chapel. Sandro based the study on near-contemporary mosaics of Ambrose.


Anonymous said...

"Sandro based the study on near-contemporary mosaics of Ambrose."

Okay so where's his clothes. I know you like to be cutting edge and all but....please ensure he's wearing clothes.

Good work by the artist, nice face, I would love to see these "near-contemporay mosaics".

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ambrose really comes to life in that painting. Big schnozz!

Mark Langham said...

Don't worry - there will be clothes!

The famous mosaic of Ambrose is shown at the wikipedia site about Ambrose of Milan:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Now, is it just me or does this bronzed adonis look NOTHING LIKE the 'near-contemporary" mosaic you referred me to? I know there is such a thing as artistic license but this is taking it a bit far isn't it?