Sunday, 11 May 2008

Come, Holy Spirit

The Cardinal confirmed thirty of our young adults at Mass today. Please keep them in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Please also remember in your prayers all the young people embarking on public exams, a testing time, stressful and worrying. Please pray for their parents to have the strength to remain calm and even tempered!

justin said...

Monsignor -

I wanted to ask what happened to the choir today at Solemn Mass. (Fantastic homily btw!).

From where I was sat, they sounded almost weak without that famous Westminster Cathedral bright, forward, almost trumpet-like tone in the plainchant, and their entrances seemed a bit erratic and a little all over the place to be honest, particularly in the Palestrina offertory.

They sounded a very different choir from the one I heard on Ascension Day. Let's hope they get enough rest/practice time. Or maybe Mr Baker needs to come back and crack the proverbial whip! The best bit was the Agnus Dei where I literally lost myself in the music. Other than that, they sounded almost like...gasp..St Paul's or any of the other cathedral choirs.

Next Sunday - bring back the Westminster sound and their customary precision!

John the organist said...

The confirmation was splendid and the cardinal was on great form BUT it was at times from my position behind the pulpit very hard to hear the cardinal and the readers. I'm sure some of the £3 million will go towards a new better sound system! It was a great idea to have the candidates down the length of the main aisle of the nave with their families and the candles on the steps burned nearly all day! And Vespers included "The spirit of the Lord" beautifully sung and played!