Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Monsignor John Moyes

Mgr Moyes, the second Administrator of Westminster Cathedral (1904 - 1905), was the first priest to celebrate Mass in the new building, in June 1903. A great scholar, apologist and preacher, he was a member of the Papal Commission on Anglican Orders in 1896.

Above are shown the three English representatives of that Papal Commission: Mgr Canon Moyes, Father David Fleming OFM, and Abbot (later Cardinal) Gasquet OSB.

In a small booklet, which he kept on his desk, Mgr Moyes wrote a number of rules for his own spiritual guidance. Among them was the following:
"However much I may be absorbed or employed in other duties; however much I may suceed in them, yet my labour will be lost time and my sucess a failure if it does not include the Mass devoutly offered and the Divine office devoutly recited."

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