Tuesday, 13 May 2008

An early trip to the Terrace

A few images taken early this morning show that the Terrace is still in the early stages, but the recent spell of glorious weather has brought on many of the flowers and shrubs. In the back row, above, are sunflowers, already surging up.

In the fresh light of morning, the herbs promise abundance.

The Olive trees have lasted the winter well.

French lavender - less aromatic but more striking than its English cousin - adds a bright and fragrant note to the garden.

Provence comes to Westminster!

This is going to be a year for Nicotiana, the fragranced relative of the tobacco plant.

In the corner, Honeysuckle is about to burst into flower.

You can never go wrong with petunias while, below, even the citrus trees are making a good showing!


Anonymous said...

Fr Mark,

Where did you find the metal white frame for your Honeysuckle? I have been looking for something like that for some time with no luck.

Anonymous said...

Father you will miss the garden when you go to your new post, who will look after it then?