Thursday, 15 May 2008

Earlier Scaffolding

The last time the interior of the Cathedral was inconvenienced by scaffolding was in 1995 when, for the Cathedral's centenary, the mosaic above the sanctuary was cleaned. The Administrator, Mgr Stack, was nothing averse to ascending on high - dressed, it would seem, for the job!


Anonymous said...

Dear Fr Mark, although this is a trivial matter in terms of the overall impact of the works and the importance of preserving this house of God, but would you have any idea of the how they might affect ceremonies? I am to be married in the Lady Chapel in August and am trying to envisage the logistics on entry and exit.

Mark Langham said...

Dear Anonymous

We have tried to ensure that ceremonies will be affected as little as possible. The entrance route will be the same, and there will be no scaffolding in the Lady Chapel. For more information, contact Fr Christopher on